Panther spotted mulitple times in Shafter

Panther on the prowl in Shafter

SHAFTER, Calif. - Shafter has gone wild and one group of residents wants it to get back to normal.

A black panther has been spotted by several residents, multiple times in the city of Shafter near Fresno Avenue and Hwy. 43.

Shafter police said they have not received any calls about the elusive black cat but 23ABC spoke to one resident who said he has seen the panther dart out of his own driveway with his own eyes.

Scott Clancy said his wife first saw a big, black, cat cross the road in one leap several weeks ago. After speaking with his neighbors, Clancy confirmed that his wife isn't the only one who has seen what they believe is a panther.

Other neighbors have come face to face with the animal but no one has been able to capture it on camera. Clancy has several photos of large paw prints and sent them to the Department of Fish and Game. 

A tracker was in the area last week but failed to find anything.

Clancy said one night he was looking for the cat in the nearby orchards for several hours. On his way home, he saw the animal dash from his driveway, across the road, and into the orchard across the street.

Clancy said he wants to make sure this animal is caught and not still on the run in his neighborhood. 

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