Parent: Mountain View Middle School teacher said the Holocaust is not a turning point in history

When 13-year-old Jennifer Cristobal was assigned to do a project about a turning point in history for National History day at Mountain View Middle School in Lamont, she wanted to stand out from her classmates.


"I just thought if I did something off the paper and a little more complex, I could do something with it," Cristobal said.


When she suggested researching the Holocaust to her teacher, she was allegedly denied.


"It upset me to the point where I went to the school and talked to the teacher about it and afterward I told her to go on with the project and continue it," Raquel Madera, her mother, said.


After she claims her teacher denied her, she went to Washington, D.C. to learn about the Holocaust herself. She attended the 20th anniversary Holocaust tour and was featured in the 2014 brochure.


"I just want to know how somebody could say the Holocaust and the killing of people cannot be a turning point in history," Cristobal said.


"There are still survivors who are scared this will happen again."


Mr. Jonathan Martinez, principal at Mountain View Middle School, declined to comment. 


23ABC spoke with the superintendent of Lamont School District who said he is looking into the situation.

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