Parent: Too many parents send children to school while sick

OILDALE, Calif. - The flu season has hit Kern County pretty hard this year.

One Oildale parent is concerned after his son came home from school Wednesday feeling ill and had started running a temperature Thursday.

"I'm sick of parents sending their kids to school even if they're sick," said Ed Walton.

Walton kept his son home from school Thursday and strongly believes he caught something from a classmate.

"It is my responsibility as a parent, not only to protect and take care of my son, but also prevent him from passing it on to other students," said Walton.

Walton's son goes to Standard Middle School where there is a strict policy in place for parents to keep their kids home if they are sick.

Bakersfield City School District, as well as other districts in the county, have the same policies.

Parents are advised to keep their children at home if they are running a temperature or vomiting.

"I understand for parents, keeping their kids home if they're sick could present a hardship on their jobs, but if they're sick, so be it, keep them home," said Walton.


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