Parental checklist created in responce to school transgender law

Organization seeking plaintiffs for lawsuit

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A constitutional legal defense organization has created a checklist for parents opposed to AB 1266 -- California's new school transgender law.

The law, which was signed Monday by Governor Jerry Brown, allows public school students to choose which restroom to use -- based on the child's gender identity.

The Sacramento-based Pacific Justice Institute released its "Notice of Reasonable Expectation of Privacy" form after the bill was signed into law.

The organization says it's an "important reminder to school personnel that no state or federal law can override privacy rights."

However, it also admits that the notice will "not quite" cancel the effects of  AB 1266 -- and informs parents to contact the institute if they feel their children's rights are violated so the incident can be evaluated to "determine the best candidate(s) for filing suit."

You can find the checklist HERE .

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