Parents of duct taped girl still waiting for action, answers from Wayne Township schools

Daughter to be transferred to her previous school

INDIANAPOLIS - An 8-year-old girl with Down syndrome was kept home from school Tuesday after her parents say she came home Monday with her shoes tightly duct taped to her feet and ankles.

Nate and Elizabeth Searcy said they still have no answers from school officials as to how or why their daughter, Shaylyn, came to be bound with duct tape at school.

"We haven't heard anything from the school still. The principal hasn't called us," Nate Searcy said. "They still didn't even tell us who could have done it or what."

This is Shaylyn's first year attending the Life Skills Program at Westlake Elementary -- a program for kids with special needs.

The school's policy says restraint may be used in an emergency situation if there's physical risk of harm to the student or others.

Shaylyn's parents admit their daughter will sometimes refuse to keep her shoes on, but her dad says that's no excuse for duct taping them so tightly that the girl was in too much pain to walk.

"The assistant principal said the same thing, that that was not procedure and he did not agree with it," Nate Searcy said. "He took pictures himself."

Searcy said he expects to see some action for what happened to his daughter.

"The teacher that did this and whoever else was involved shouldn't be working in a school, let alone a special needs program," Nate Searcy said. "They need to do something. Some of these kids, like her, they can't really speak for themselves."

A school spokesperson told RTV6 they won't make any decision about possible disciplinary actions until their investigation is complete.

Shaylyn's parents have a meeting with Child Protective Services investigators Wednesday.

They're working with the director of the special needs program at Westlake to arrange to transfer their daughter back to her previous school.

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