Pedestrian safety made priority with 60 new countdown crosswalk signals

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - In the latest round of California local highway safety improvement program grants, Public Works received $190,000 for pedestrian count down signal head traffic light upgrade project.

The project will install pedestrian countdown signal heads at 60 intersections throughout the city.

This is the third grant received to improve pedestrian safety around Bakersfield.

"We had to look at areas that had a lot of pedestrian and bicycle traffic and then we're hoping to reduce the number of accidents for bicyclists and pedestrians at these intersections," John Ussery, a civil engineer at Public Works, said.


Some argue the countdown encourages drivers to hurry through intersections instead of slowing down.


"We have been in contact with other cities that use these and we haven't heard any of these complaints,"
 Ussery said.


The project will install the signal heads in major intersections including 34th street, Auburn street, Brundage lane, California avenue, Ming avenue, Truxtun avenue and White lane.


Once the project is complete, there will be countdowns at 100 intersections in Bakersfield.

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