People continue to clean up tumbleweeds after strong winds create a big mess

Neighbors relief after tumbleweeds cleared

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - People throughout Kern County are continuing to clean away all those tumbleweeds left behind by strong winds that recently blew into the area.

The mess caused big problems and plenty of confusion for homeowners.

When Jesus Medina saw a picture of his high school coach’s backyard posted online he jumped at the chance to help.

“You wouldn’t expect a house like this to be filled with tumbleweeds.  Maybe like a ranch or something, but it was unexpected,” said Jesus Medina of Golden Valley High School.

Strong winds blew tumbleweeds all over the neighborhood and it all seemed to come from the empty lot behind it.

“The wall, it was like the whole area, but as high as me or taller, to the roof maybe,” said Medina.

Although neighbors are getting help from volunteers in the community, that wasn’t the case a few days ago.

“You couldn’t even get into the garage.  You couldn’t get into the driveways.  You couldn’t even get along the house,” said neighbor, Betty Beckman.

Neighbors called the city, but couldn’t get any help with the cleanup.  They also were threatened with fines for having all that tumbleweed in front of their homes.

“They told us we were at the bottom of the pole and the high priority wasn’t over here. They got other tumbleweeds throughout the city that was high on their list and that’s what the traffic policemen had informed us,” said neighbors, Shirley and Cleveland Strother.

But to their surprise, neighbors say a private contractor came and help remove all the tumbleweed at no charge.

“It is a relief.  A great relief.  I was just tired and we just didn’t know who was going to take them, but they came and got them,” said Strother.

Now neighbors say they’re able to enjoy their neighborhood like they once did.

“It feels wonderful again. We have a very clean neighborhood and we really, truly like to keep it that way.  So, we’re really pleased,” said Beckman.

The young volunteers who happened to be part of the wrestling team at Golden Valley High School say cleaning up all the tumbleweed was just like working out and they'll be happy to step in to help if it happens again.

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