People from both parties spent Monday working to turn out supporters on election day


Both sides were working hard Monday to turn out voters Tuesday.

At the county headquarters for the GOP, workers are running phone banks and calling voters to ask for their support and remind them to vote.

On the Democratic side, Rudy Salas went door to door in central Bakersfield conducting last-minute get-out-the-vote operations.

"Today we are out walking, talking to as many voters as possible, letting them know where their voting place is and getting our campaign message out," said Rudy Salas, Democratic candidate for California Assembly District 32.

He says talking one-on-one with voters is the best way to get his campaign message out.

"More jobs, better schools, safer neighborhoods and balanced budgets," Salas said.

Salas' opponent has his own message.

"Pedro knows the struggles of those that work in the field, and he was an educator, so he knows the struggles of the students wanting to make it somewhere in life," said Manuel Ramirez, volunteer for the Pedro Rios campaign.

Across town at Kern County Republican headquarters, staff members are working the phones.

"We are doing a lot of phone banking for our local candidates right now. We are really pushing Pedro Rios for state Assembly, so we are calling those that we haven't been able to reach, those that haven’t been home," Ramirez said.

They say some of the last-minute interactions with voters are the most important.

"I feel good. Every time I talk to voters at the door, they are very positive, they are very supportive, and I hope they all get out there to vote," Salas said.

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