People looking to make resolutions for 2014


The new year is officially here and for many people it’s a perfect time to start working on those resolutions from shedding those unwanted pounds to kicking those old habits, people are looking to make those big dreams come true.

It was a great year for many people, filled with new jobs, new relationships and a new love for fitness.

“2013, it was actually pretty good, I graduated this year in June,” said Tyree Pryor of Bakersfield.

As 2014 rolls in, people are looking to make big changes in their personal life with their careers and where they live.

“My resolution is make the community more better and volunteer, like help out the homeless or help out the elders,” said Catherine Pablo.

“My resolution is that I would become a lot better at soccer,” said Joseph Hernandez.

“My resolution is not being negative because I had a lot of negativity in 2013 and I want nothing, but positivity for 2014,” said Kristine Devaney.

Losing weight continues to be the top New Year’s resolution.  People are hoping to start eating better and begin a new fitness regime that includes more cardio and lifting weights.

“I started already, I’m going with another friend that way you have that accountability. It’s a lot harder for you to give up and slack on it,” said Nick Byrd

New Year’s resolutions are often broken just as fast as they are created, which is why some people often choose not to make promises they plan not to keep.

“I think the New Year’s resolution thing is a little over done, I think if you want to do something you kind of make a plan do it and its not just a beginning of the new year thing so I think it’s a little over rated,” said Nick Byrd of Bakersfield.

People who fail at their resolutions, like quitting smoking never give up because there’s always next year to take that first step.

“I failed and then I took it up again, and then I failed and then I took it up and I’ve been doing good for ten years or so,” said Dave Thomas.

Experts say visualize past successes, and model someone else’s behavior and learning experience will help improve your chances of succeeding at making resolutions last.


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