People struggling to find work, turning to social network marketing

Products offer extra income and other rewards


Nationwide, people are still struggling to find work, as unemployment numbers remain steady at 7.2 percent.

Many families are forced to come up with creative ways to put food on the table including turning to social network marketing to survive.

People needing work or extra income are finding success with popular products that promise independence and thousands of dollars a month.

Isaac Enriquez, 25, is trying something new while he waits to land permanent employment.

“I applied at a couple of stores, but everybody’s looking for a job and it’s hard and this company is giving me an opportunity to be my own boss,” he said.

Enriquez is distributing Verve energy drink as part of a health and nutrition company that promises financial freedom, rewards and flexible schedules.

“It’s a big industry right now and everybody drinks energy drinks, mostly young kids and that’s why it’s targeted to younger,” said Enriquez.

Buying two cases of the energy drink gets you in the company and on your way to earning mad cash, depending on time and effort put into the business.

“It’s an adventure that’s for sure. I’ve never tried anything like this before and I like it,” he said.

Mother and business owner, Michelle Crist is also involved with social network marketing, but uses Javita Coffee to help pay the bills.

“In this economy, it’s not easy right now. It’s not easy, it’s pretty rough out there,” she said.

Through her side job, she is able to network and earn cash bonuses and even a car.

“This was not in my game plan, however I got great results. I know other people that have had results, I feel great and since it’s a ground floor opportunity, I know that this will benefit my family financially,” she said.

Although, the Food and Drug Administration does not evaluate the products, researchers and some medical professionals back it.

While vitamin and mineral supplements are widely used and generally considered safe, health experts recommend checking with a doctor before giving any product a try.


For more information on Verve Energy Drink contact Isaac Enriquez at (661) 864-9609

For more information on Javita Coffee contact Michelle Crist at (661) 979-2240 or


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