People turning to online gambling after internet cafes close

It's still 'game over' for Kern County internet cafes but many are now turning to online internet cafes instead.
"It's all over the place that you can do online gaming," Phillip Walker, member of the Internet Cafe Association of California, said.
One Bakersfield Craigslist ad offers internet cafe gambling from the comfort of your own home and allow users to collect cash through Western Union.
"You can just go to those websites, obtain an ID, log on to the accounts and it opens up a format for you to do the gaming," Walker said.
If you're thinking about visiting an online gambling website, the FBI says don't even think about rolling the dice.
According to the FBI website, cyber casinos and companies offering to transfer or wager money for gambling are against the law. However, when it comes to online fantasy leagues and Indian gaming sites, the rules aren't so clear.
"It's not quite clear yet as to the laws with the internet gaming because there's so much of a variety," Walker said.
"Some of them are games of skill and some are games of chance."
The city council did not want to take any chances when the brick and mortar internet cafes were allegedly becoming a safety hazard in the community last year.
"When you've got prostitution, illegal drug deals, loitering and it's causing a problem, we need to do something while we're coming up with a decision," Councilman Russel Johnson said.
It is the California Supreme Court's decision to review the appellate court's ruling on illegal internet cafes but it's not expected to affect local jurisdiction.
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