"Pet Reunion" held Tuesday morning at the Bakersfield Animal Care Center

Pet Reunion at Bakersfield Animal Care Center

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - City shelter officials say they've seen an influx of dogs being brought in over the 4th of July weekend. They say the loud fireworks sounds may have scared them away from their homes. 

To reunite lost pets with the owners, the Bakersfield Animal Care Center, the Bakersfield SPCA, and Marley's Mutts will be holding a "pet reunion" event at 10am Tuesday, July 8th, at 201 S. Mt. Vernon Ave.

 It will cost $50 to get your pet back, with no additional charges for boarding or vaccines.

Officials say some advice in case your pet goes missing: check with local shelters, post pictures on social media, canvass neighborhoods and put up lots of flyers with clear pictures.

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