Petro Capital Resources releases statement on Arvin pipeline gas leak

ARVIN, Calif. - The company that is in charge of the gas leak that occurred in a pipeline in Arvin released a statement Thursday.

"Throughout this process our primary focus has been on the residents of the displaced residents and our goal is to get them back to their homes," the statement from Petro Capital Resources said.

The statement said that the county asked residents to leave their homes on March 18, and that the company has spent over $30,000 to house the residents at a local hotel.

Eight homes near Nelson Court and Varsity Road are under mandatory evacuations by the Kern County Fire Department and various other agencies. They have been out of their homes since Tuesday, March 18.

Advanced GeoEnvironmental Inc. and Kern County Environmental Health are continuing to monitor for flammable vapors in those eight homes, according to Brett Grassi of the Kern County Fire Department.

Grassi says additional data is needed to ensure the homes are safe for the residents to return to, and a date for them to return has not yet been set.

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