Phone apps make it easier for people to find unsecured network connections, hack into the computers

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Identity theft has become an increasing problem and now there are apps that can be the gateway for thieves to get their hands on your personal information. 

"There are multiple tools out there that will allow a person that's interested in breaking into a wireless network, easy access to that network," described Chris Freels with AARC Technology. 
Freels also says that people have different motives behind hacking into Wi-Fi networks. 
"The first they are going to get free Wi-Fi, but it depends on what their ultimate intent is. If someone is going to take the time to hack into a wireless network, they usually have a more malicious intent in mind."
Which means they can steal your usernames, passwords and other information.
"They can get virtually anything on the computer. They can get passwords that someone has stored for banking, or for websites that they go to, credit card information, it's endless as to what they can get," said Freels. 
Apps like Wi-Fi Tracker allow anyone to mass track while they driving, which can reveal dozens of unsecured connections in minutes. 
"Somebody who has 10-15 minutes time to get onto the web and any computer knowledge at all can get into the programs that will be used to hack into most wireless environments."
The simplest way to make sure you are protected is to secure and hide your connection by pushing the button on the front of the Wi-Fi router. Freels also says that you have to "ensure that your security protocols are up to date and make sure your firewalls are up to date and use more complex passwords."
If you do find your Wi-Fi hacked, the simplest way to stop it is to change the password. 
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