PHOTOS: Kern County students step back in time for California History Day

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - More then 600 kids got to put the pencils down Thursday and explore a little bit of Kern County history dating back to the 1800s.

Dozens of costumed docents helped local students step back in time with the first European explorers to visit this area and the settlers that followed them. 

Kids got to step into an train engine, take photos in front of one of Kern County' jail cells And see what life was like for Kern County pioneers.

Bessie Owens 4th graders took a look at the old photographers studio.

Students got to use different tools like hammers and metal stamps to impress designs in pieces of leather just like the pioneers use too.

You might've seen boots with impressions on them or pouches. 

California History Day has been designed to support student's education of our state's early history from the days of the first explorers to the early twentieth century.

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