Pit bull suffered severe chemical burns, rescue group trying to raise funds for medical costs

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - An almost two-year-old pit bull named Fiona suffered severe chemical burns to her face and the rescue group Bakersfield Pitty Crew came to her aid for medical treatment.

The group rescued the pitbull when she was a puppy from East Bakersfield and found her a loving home in Oildale. More than a week ago, Fiona got out of the yard overnight and was found the next day severely injured.

At first, the owners thought the dog got into a fight, but after looking closely at the injuries, they realized someone had poured chemicals on the dog and severely burned her face.

The rescue group took the dog to Bakersfield Veterinarian Hospital for treatment.

At this point, the group is hoping to find the attackers as well as gain support for the medical cost that is rising to several thousand dollars.

Organizers say the attack happened near Norris Road and Airport Drive on Saturday June 28.

The group has not contacted law enforcement yet because they are hoping to find witnesses through a social media campaign.

The group can be reached through their Facebook page .

Anyone wishing to help donate funds for Fiona's recovery can click here

Additionally, the rescue group says they are always looking for individuals to foster dogs until they can find loving homes.

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