Pit bull hit by car, taken in by Bakersfield Pitty Crew Rescue and reunited with family

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A car hit a pit bull in Northwest Bakersfield, breaking his leg, Sundee Martineau with Bakersfield Pitty Crew Rescue said.

The dog was picked up by city animal control at 9 a.m. Wednesday, near Brimhall Road and Calloway Drive, Martineau said.

“He was in such good condition, they really felt like he was somebody’s owner but he was not micro-chipped and had no name tag on,” Martineau said.

Pitty Crew Rescue  got a call from animal control saying the injuries to the dog were too extensive for them to handle, so the organization swooped in and started doing everything they could to find this dog’s owners and fundraise for his surgery, Martineau said.

For veterinarians at the Bakersfield Veterinary Hospital, seeing dogs with similar injuries is not uncommon. “I would say on a weekly basis,” Vet Technician Amanda Cox said.

The dog is in a shoulder and arm cast and is sedated while the Pitty Crew fundraised for his surgery. A colleague at the rescue papered the area where the dog was hit with flyers, while others posted on social media.

The family saw one of the flyers of their dog, Bodie, and met with the dog around 4 p.m. They say they are thankful to Pitty Crew for saving him.

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