Polar Bear Plunge into the New Year at McMurtrey Aquatic Center

Roughly 200 people took the plunge in 50º water

About 200 people lined up to participate in the 9th annual Polar Bear Plunge at the McMurtrey Aquatic Center.

You may think it's not that cold in Bakersfield today, but with a little help Arctic Glacier Ice Company donating several hundred pounds of ice, brought the temperature of the water down to a chili 52 degrees.

The event is a tradition for many families who have been coming out to take the plunge for several years.

One 70-year-old participant said taking the plunge was on her bucket list.

Organizer said once participants hit the water, they have to swim 25 yards in the pool to make it official.

Family members and friends were standing by with towels and robes to warm up the adventurous swimmers.

Organizers also provided hot chocolate for those wishing to warm up.

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