Police investigate SUV seats being stolen at area shopping centers


A warning for owners of SUV’s, Bakersfield Police say thieves are stealing the seats right out of your car at several businesses around town.

Investigators say thieves are targeting cars parked at strip malls and shopping centers taking less than a minute to steal your seats.

Since May the number of seats stolen from Tahoes, Escalades and Yukons have gone up in Kern County.

“Well, from what we’ve heard is that they are selling them to people who don’t have third row seats because the vehicles were made to accommodate the third row seats but they don’t all come with it and there’s a pretty hefty price tag, even with the stolen seats to purchase them,” said Sgt. Joe Grubb with the Bakersfield Police Department.

Investigators say more than thirty vehicles have been vandalized so far, and it doesn’t take thieves too long to steal seats.

“The whole thing takes about thirty seconds, to make entry into the vehicle, get back into the back seats, remove the seats and into another vehicle and about thirty seconds,” he said.

Police say thieves can be anywhere targeting victims so keep your eyes open and be aware of where you leave your car.

“This goes to people keeping an eye on their neighbors as your walking through parking lots. If you see a vehicle pulled up behind an SUV and somebody is taking the rear seats, give us a call,” he said.

Investigators say there are many things people can do to prevent their seats from being stolen including having a car alarm or even putting a lock on them.

But short of that, the thieves are pretty good at getting into the vehicles, they know how to get into them. Pretty much any vehicle, if the thief wants into it, they are going to get into it,” said Grubbs.

Investigators say if you see any suspicious activity at any parking lot report it and if possible try and get a description of the vehicle or of the suspects.


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