Police say they arrested three people for trying to skim card numbers at Bakersfield ATM


Police say they have busted a card-skimming crew from out of town that was trying to steal people's card numbers and pins.

Bakersfield police say a crew of four put a card skimmer on the ATM at the Chase bank near Coffee Road and Olive Drive.

Police say there was a device inside the machine to capture card numbers and a camera nearby by to record customers as the punched in their pin numbers.

Security at the bank spotted the device and alerted police.

Police say the bank's security camera captured video of the suspect and police spotted him inside the grocery store next door.

They followed the suspect and stopped him in a car near Coffee Road and Hageman Road.

The man ran away but police arrested three other suspects, including a 16-year-old.

Police say it can be hard to tell if an ATM or a gas pump has been tampered with so they recommend people cover the keypad with their free hand while punching in their pin.

Police say they are still checking to see if the suspects got any card numbers before they were busted.

Police say the suspects have been doing the same thing in the San Bernardino area.

They aren’t sure if they have hit any other ATMs or gas pumps in Kern County.

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