Police: Student makes threats about gun

Threats were deemed not credible by officials

TEHACHAPI, Calif. - A Tehachapi student may be expelled from school after a recent gun threat, according to school officials.

On Feb. 16, officers with the Tehachapi Police Department said they investigated a report that a Tehachapi student was making threats about bringing a gun to Monroe High School in Tehachapi.


A student at Monroe said he had overheard two other Monroe students talking on campus. One of the students allegedly made a statement to the other about bringing a gun to school and shooting people. The student had been reported as making the statement in a 'joking manner'.

Kermode said officials deemed the threat as not credible, after the home of the suspected student was searched and no firearms or evidence were found.

The Superintendent of Schools Lisa Gilbert, said she could not share information about the student because they are a minor and there are privacy laws regarding student records.

 "When a student threatens to harm another child, the school takes immediate action," Gilbert said. "Threats are taken seriously, although it is important to acknowledge that there are levels of severity and individual circumstances that need to be taken into account in deciding the appropriate action."

If the offending student has received prior discipline for other offenses or if his /her presence causes a continuing danger to the physical safety to another child or to school employees, the offender may be recommended for expulsion, Gilbert said.


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