Police use motorcycles to combat homeless living on riverbed

Homeless being cleared out of riverbed

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - You've seen Bakersfield Police cars and motorcycles but there's one piece of equipment you might not normally see that's keeping our community safe.

The BPD uses dirt bikes to regulate miles of the riverbed that otherwise could not be enforced with your standard patrol car.

"My first priority here is safety of all the bicyclists, runners and even the homeless cause everybody's vulnerable being out there", said Officer Santiago Baltazar.

Baltazar says pairs of officers patrol the riverbeds about once a week and every time they're prepared for anything.

Baltazar explained they see, "everything from a minor infraction all the way to serious felonies".

The city says they're committed to cleaning up the riverbed and with the help of the BPD special task force and code enforcement they are off to a great start.

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