Poor air quality in Bakersfield actually safe for bicyclists

Benefit of biking outweighs risk

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - With Air Quality alerts sent out regularly in Bakersfield, experts with Valley Air explained that those readings are safe for bicyclists. 

Experts said the benefits to biking outweigh the risks posed by bad air quality and bike enthusiasts agree. 

Biking can help people stay healthy, save money, and get more out of community. 

According to experts, idling your car has a direct impact on ozone levels and levels become worse during back to school traffic. 

Click to see the current quality for Central Bakersfield, here: http://bit.ly/19ivi7W

You can keep track of air quality on a daily basis by logging onto Valleyair.org and downloading the real-time air advisory network app for your smartphone or computer.


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