Pope Benedict's last day leaves locals hopeful for the future

Locals react to Pope's last day

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - With Pope Benedict's seat on the brink of being up for grabs, 23ABC spoke to local Catholic's about what they would like to see from a new papal.

"A more democratic church, a more open church, one that isn't so insular", said Jeanna Van Mullem.

Thursday is the Pope's official last day after nearly a decade of leading more than 1.2 billion Catholics and the unforeseen future of the church has some locals worried.

Arturo Revello explained, "my fear is that we are going to find ourselves in a very serious and maybe divisive historical time for the church."

Within the coming month the College of Cardinals are expected to appoint the new person to lead the faithful and many are putting their trust in the man upstairs to make the right decision, like Hannah Puncer.

Puncer said, "I have faith, hope and trust in my God... God doesn't abandon his people and his church without a leader."

People are already starting to fill the coveted seat and some have even placed bets on U2's lead singer, Bono.


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