Possible serial child rapist arrested in Tehachapi after police say he lured teen girl the raped her

TEHACHAPI, Calif. - Tehachapi Police have arrested a man they say lured a teen girl into his apartment then beat and raped her, and police say this is probably not the first time he has done this.

Tehachapi Police say Scotty Carter lured a 14-year-old Tehachapi girl to his apartment with booze then beat and raped her.

Monica Flynn heard the rape from her downstairs apartment and called police.

The victim told police she purposely banged on doors and walls during the attack hoping someone would hear her screams for help.

“I am very happy, I am very relieved and I feel much safer here knowing that he is going to be in jail for a while," Flynn said.

The victim also said during the rape she told Carter she was only 13 hoping that would make him stop.

Tehachapi police arrested Carter and charged him with rape.

"He actually was a suspect for lewd acts with a minor by our department twice in 2012. We didn't have enough evidence to file a case. This time we have a pretty solid case," said Tehachapi Police Sergeant Wyatt Empey.

Tehachapi Police are hoping earlier victims, and any other possible victims, will come forward now so they can charge Carter with additional rapes.

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