Pot holiday goes mainstream in Colorado: Tens of thousands expected at festival at Denver park

DENVER - The 4/20 stoner holiday is going mainstream in Colorado. But the ban on public consumption of marijuana is being strictly enforced.

April 20 has traditionally been a day for marijuana activists to defiantly light up to protest their drug of choice being outlawed. But Colorado has legalized pot.

This weekend is filled with marijuana-themed activities that will culminate at a festival at a park in downtown Denver Sunday. Tens of thousands of people are expected to smoke marijuana at 4:20 p.m. However, there is increased security at this year's event designed to discourage public consumption.

The entire festival is fenced in. There are four entrances and attendants will be patted down and searched by security guards.

There are big signs that organizers put up by the entrances with all the rules and regulations.

This year the festival is being run by a professional event company. It's short on pro-legalization speeches and instead crowded with vendor booths. Attendees must buy tickets to use at all the vendor booths, similar to festivals like The Taste of Colorado.

A separate marijuana industry event called the Cannabis Cup north of downtown is also drawing thousands.

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