President John F. Kennedy made Kern County visit five months before assassination

Commemorative coins were made in honor of visit

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Five and a half months before he was shot down in Dallas, Texas; President John F. Kennedy paid a visit to Kern County.

The youngest elected president was in Ridgecrest visiting the Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake as part of the last leg of a summer review of America's newest military weapons.

Visit 50 years after the assassination of JFK  -

It was a business trip for the 35th president, but June 7th, 1963 might as well have been a national holiday for the thousands of locals who swarmed the base to get a glimpse of the country's leader.

To remember the once in a lifetime moment, commemorative coins were made with JFK's image on one side and an image representing why he was there on the back.

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