Privacy policy questioned after AT&T gives personal information to wrong Bakersfield customer

BAKERSFIELD - A woman contacted 23ABC after she said an AT&T representative gave her another customer's personal information.

That information contained the name, password and address of an AT&T customer in Southwest Bakersfield.

It began when Christie Parker received a text message from an AT&T representative asking about the new router she ordered.

The text message Parker received contained a link for her to speak to a representative online.

"I was concerned because I did not order any new equipment and clicked on the link that immediately connected me with the representative," said Parker.

Parker told the representative she clicked on the link because she wanted to make sure nobody ordered new equipment on her account without her permission.

That's when the representative asked Parker if this wasn't Joanne Thomas, and provided her home address as confirmation.

Parker told the representative that this is disturbing because she just got that customer's personal information. She said her address should be confidential.

"Now this makes me question the privacy of my information with AT&T. I am seriously considering taking my business elsewhere," said Parker.

23ABC went to Joanne Thomas's home and told her that her name and address was given out to another customer by an AT&T representative.

"I am completely shocked and confused. We recently ordered a new router. Why would they give my personal information to someone else," said Thomas.

23ABC contacted AT&T who said they will be doing an investigation. The representative said it is not their policy to handout customer information.

Parker remains in shock as to how this could've happened in the first place.

"Now when I click on the same link, I can see the password to her new router. If I was a lesser person, I could go park in front of her house and have access to her account," said Parker.

Parker told 23ABC that she's considering filing a complaint with the FCC about privacy rights.


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