Prop 30 prevails with supporters calling it a win for children, schools and the future

supporters: Prop 30 is a win for children, schools

Governor Jerry Brown called Tuesday night's election a win for California's children and schools.

"Last night, Californians made the courageous decision to protect our schools and colleges, and strengthen the California dream," said Brown.

It was a decision many supporters did not think would sway in their favor.

"I think it was polling poorly Monday so to have it pass was a very pleasant surprise," said Bakersfield College spokesperson Amber Chiang.

Chiang says the passage of prop 30 will reduce BC's budget cut from $5.2 million to $1.2 million.

"That means 20 faculty positions are saved 900 or so course sections are saved," said Chiang.

Prop 30 imposes temporary tax increases to fund education and balance the state's budget.

A cost, Chiang says is worthwhile.

"If prop 30 had not passed it would have been devastating to the community and their ability to get higher education at Bakersfield college," said Chiang.

In Kern county 60 percent of voters voted against it prop 30, but ultimately it passed with a 54 to 46 percent vote, making it a very close call.


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