Proposed bill would arm school staff, California Teachers Association president opposes proposal

Bill would allow schools to fund gun training


A bill from Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, R-San Bernardino, would allow teachers, administrators, or janitors to volunteer and become school marshals - similar to air marshals on commercial flights. 


"The concept is that they conceal carry, that they remain anonymous, so that the gun isn't in their desk, it isn't in their purse," Donnelly said. "It is not anywhere but on their person. They're responsible for it at all times."


Donnelly's bill, Assembly Bill 202, would let schools fund training to create a marshal program - which could potentially end tragedies like the ones that have recently taken place. 


"You are not going to know if there is one armed marshal, you aren't going to know if there is two, or 10, or zero," Donnelly said. "But every school within that district is no longer going to be known to anybody as a gun free zone where you can just go in and have a fish bowl to shoot in."  


Dean Vogel, president of the California Teachers Association, is not sure if the bill is the right solution to what seems to be a growing problem. 


"The question is, are we really creating a safe environment by putting more guns in schools or putting guns in school period," Dean Vogel said. "Teachers didn't get in to the profession to be armed guards."


Vogel adds that California ranks last in the nation in one category where he thinks they should be focusing. 


"We rank last in that nation in counselors per student," Vogel said. "Close to the bottom in nurses per student. Per counselors back in schools at a ratio of counselors to students where the real work of creating safe environments and sustaining them can happen." 

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