Protestors say Walmart is shifting the cost of employee healthcare onto the taxpayer


Walmart shoppers were greeted by protestors in the southwest today who say the supermarket giant is using a loop-hole that is costing taxpayers millions of dollars.

A union that represents millions of workers across the nation says Walmart is shifting the cost of employee healthcare onto the taxpayer.

They claim Walmart is doing this by lowering wages and hours to the point where their employees then qualify for medical under the affordable health-care act.

This loop-hole is legal, but the group claims it is unfair.

"Walmart is the nation's largest employer, last year they took in 44 Billion in revenue, the CEO, Michael Duke made 21 Million. Wal-Mart can afford to insure its workers; the taxpayers should not have that burden," one protester said. 

Right now there is legislation called AB880 that would force employers to pay a fine each time their workers end up on medical.

However a coalition of farmers in the central valley say this legislation would devastate the local farm industry which relies on seasonal workers. They say it would have a chilling impact across the valley.

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