Rabobank bricks removal postponed, city decided the plan needs to be reconsidered

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The bricks on the plaza in front of Rabobank Arena may be getting a reprieve.

People purchased bricks back in the late 90s to help pay for the construction of Centennial Plaza.

People who purchased the bricks were allowed to put the names of family members and businesses on them and some used them as memorials for lost loved ones.

Last Friday the city announced they wanted to tear out all of the bricks and replace them with concrete because of issues with chipping, breaking and uneven bricks they say is causing a hazard.

The outrage from the community over the plan was almost unanimous.

People 23ABC spoke with say when they bought the bricks they intended them to be there much longer. They consider them a memorial and don't think that they should be moved or disturbed.

The controversial plan even got the attention of city council members who say there should be more consideration of the plan before taking the bricks out.

City Councilman Terry Maxwell says the city manager's office has now decided to postpone the date of when the removal of the bricks was set to begin.

Councilman Maxwell says he hopes another alternative can be found that won't destroy the memories of people who purchased bricks.

The City will discuss the issue at a council meeting on August 13.

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