Race for 32nd State Assembly District Still Undecided


The race between Pedro Rios and Rudy Salas tightened considerably overnight and is now too close to call.

About 32,000 uncounted ballots will likely be key in the Rios/Salas race, but it will be days before we know how those ballots will change the results.

Republican Pedro Rios and Democrat Rudy Salas are running for the 32nd State Assembly district, but voters will have to wait to know who won the race.

"We do have a number of ballots that a remaining to be counted. They are vote-by-mail ballots,” said Kern County Elections Division Chief Karen Rhea.

Most of the mail-in ballots that weren't dropped off until either Monday or Tuesday still haven't been counted and the public likely won’t get those numbers until Monday.

"We are working hard. We are working through it and we will get the updates out as quickly as we are able," Rhea said.

The 32nd District includes parts of Kern and Kings counties. The current results show Rios winning Kings County and Salas winning Kern County. Put that together and Rudy Salas is ahead by a mere 268 votes.

"That will change. We both have provisional and vote-by-mail ballots, so as we go through the process in certifying the election, that may grow or stay as close -- we have no way of knowing yet," Rhea said.

The California Secretary of State's office says there is no trigger for an automatic recount in California.

After the results are certified in early December, any voter can request a recount.

"Within five days of certification they have to request a recount and they have to pay an advance deposit," Rhea said,

23ABC spoke to Salas' campaign today. A spokesman for Salas says they want to let the county do its job and when all the results are in they feel confident Salas will be the winner.

We also put several calls into the Rios campaign, but so far no one has called us back.

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