Race to save Dani the guide dog; Dani was treated for cancer but still may not survive

Dani is considered Diane's last baby

TAFT, Calif. - A blind woman in Taft is desperately trying to save the life of her seeing eye dog.

The certified seeing eye dog, Dani, belongs to Taft resident, Diane Bettencourt and is an important part to her life.

Bettencourt is legally blind and only has partial sight in one eye, so Dani helps her move about during the day.

Two months ago, Bettencourt learned that Dani had cancer.  

"Dani is kind of special," said Bettencourt.  "She has been by my side for six years and it's a little hard to get with the idea that she is gonna die."

Dani went back to the guide dog school in Los Angeles where she was trained and got surgery to remove the cancer.

"He got all he could, but he couldn't get it because the cancer is wrapped around tendons and veins and things like that," said Bettencourt.

Dani still needs more treatment with a cancer specialist and may even have to have her entire leg removed to get all of the cancer.

Dani's owner realize they may not have a lot of time left with her, even if she gets the treatment.  But there's an important reason why they want every moment with her they can get.

Bettencourt's only son died in April 2011 and her only daughter died in November 2011. Both of her kids were in their 30s when they died and said she can't bear the thought of another loss.

"It's kind of hard to lose when they are right there, just like your children, and they are gone and I don't want to lose her too," said Bettencourt.

Bettencourt hopes they can find an animal cancer specialist that will donate all or part of their services to help Dani, or donations from the community to help pay for the coming vet bills.

"I can't lose her, she means to much to me."

To help the Bettencourt's, call Diane's husband Bobby at 661-203-4057.

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