Rape victims and their families suffer after attacks

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Police have a suspect in the eastside rapist case, but the victims and their families still suffer.

Billy Ray Johnson was arrested on gun charges, but was linked to eight cases of rape in east Bakersfield.

"He won't get away with this," said the husband of one of the first victims. The couple asked to remain anonymous.

Victims deal with more than physical hurt. Families suffer in recovery.

"They can get over it but they'll never forget it," said psychologist Dean Haddock. "They blame themselves for what happened. They weren't there to protect the woman that they love from this other man."

Dr. Haddock said there is a 50 percent divorce rate after rape cases because of the grieving and recovery process.

Dr. Haddock recommends counseling for victims and, equally important, counseling for their family and support system.

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