ReadyKern Emergency Alert helps man with Alzheimer's get home safely

ReadyKern helps find man with Alzheimer's

Christi Nolan and her husband Kirk were at a friend's baby shower in an unfamiliar neighborhood on Saturday when Kirk wandered off. She immediately notified authorities who sent out a ReadyKern Emergency Alert.
"My brother in law Kenny called me, and he said Aaron, his son, had received a kind of an amber alert thing, and asked 'was it true, was Kirk lost?'" Said Christi Nolan.
The alert went out to over 40,000 people in a five mile radius of the neighborhood he went missing in. It was sent in the form of voice message, text, and email.
"Fires, floods, severe weather, critical missing persons, abductions, kidnappings, things that constitute some kind of emergency, where there's a danger to life," said Deputy Erik Levig.
Authorities were able to locate Kirk after the alert had been issued, they spotted him in a Car Max parking lot, seven miles away from where he originally wandered off.
"I couldn't get out of the car fast enough to run over and hug him.. I just wanted to run over and hug him," said Christi Nolan.
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