Recent arrests may be linked to Bakersfield College car thefts

Despite arrests, campus community still on alert

BAKERSFIELD - A recent handful of arrests in Bakersfield may be connected to the rash of vehicle thefts happening at Bakersfield College.  School leaders say its promising news for the campus community and its visitors.

Over the last few weeks cars have been stolen from parking lots at b-c during night time and even in broad daylight and although college officials think these recent arrests may be connected they are still keeping a close eye on suspicious activity.

Leaders with Bakersfield College may be close to finding the people responsible for stealing cars from their campus.

“We were actually notified by the Bakersfield Police Department, that they made three different arrests stops for a total of six different suspects for vehicle thefts,” said Bakersfield College spokesperson, Amber Chiang.

Two of the arrests they say were close to campus and the third in southwest Bakersfield where the alleged suspect was driving a Honda.

“At this point we don’t know if they were connected to the Bakersfield College thefts, but their proximity to the campus does make them obvious suspects in the thefts from the vehicle in the campus,” she said.

That’s good news for students who were notified recently about the rash of thefts via e-mail.

“That’s great and so hopefully, there are no more,” said Gregorio Quiroz, student at Bakersfield College.

Despite arrests, Bakersfield College officials say they are maintaining their vigilance and are working with students to be safe and mindful of their surroundings.

“I try to park under lighted areas and then more towards closure, towards a crowded place, those are two main things I like to do,” said student, Clint Reichenbach.

School leaders say students and visitors to the campus should always lock their car doors, have their windows all the way up and avoid leaving valuables in plain sight.

“It’s something you risk everywhere whether its theft or whether it’s getting someone to open your door and slam your door, you know and it’s just part of life I guess,” said Reichenbach.

Until there is a confirmation that these arrests are linked to the car thefts at Bakersfield College, officials plan to continue working with the police department and public safety officers.

They say people should report any unusual activity to campus security.

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