Recent shootings are causing some concern citizens to take action

Bakesfield Safe Streets Partnership organize peace

BAKERSFIELD - Shootings that happened over the last 24 hours are catching the attention of a group made up of local organizations.

Since Thursday there have been five shootings reported.

The Bakersfield Safe Streets Partnership are working to bring the community hope with a simple message: Stop the Violence.

Tony Williams wants to see a change happen in his neighborhood.

"I want to see a birth of something new. I want to see my people change, our people open up their eyes that this is graveyard now," said Williams.

Williams is part of an alliance made up of clergy, educators and ex-gang members to stop the violence.

"We are doing the best we can. We give it our own, but we need help from the community.  The community needs to get involved, a lot of parents go get your children, no matter how old they is, go get your children off these corners and bring them home," he said.

The group is taking their fight to the streets walking for peace and spreading the importance of unity.

"We're a gang. We're a gang on the right side.  We're a gang for the right and we're trying to pull people from a light that we some of us came from," said Sean Battle who is with the organization.

Members of the group are inviting people from various neighborhoods to rally against the violence something they have been doing for two years now.

"I think we need to continue to love on each other and to continue to stop judging each other and to continue to be there for each other and support one another and get to the root of the problem," he said.

The alliance provides a number of resources to help people who may be involved in gang violence to seek a different path one that is positive and free of violence.

"The violence and the shooting must stop.  We're here united as a community to try and help move that forward. Our message is there is a way forward.  There is hope," said Karen Goh who is also part of the organization.

The group plans to meet every Friday near the corner of California and Marin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. for peace walks around the neighborhood.

Leaders do plan to organize a walk on Planz street Saturday night.

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