Recruits get motorcade send off from the Armed Forces Support

It’s another ride for the bikers of the Armed Forces Support Riders, but a day six young men will never forget.

Marine recruit Sheldon White was excited for Sunday. “It's a good day, I get to do something a lot of people don't get to do; join the greatest fighting force in the world,” he said. 

Six young men gathered in a shopping center near Panama Lane and Stein Road with friends, family and riders to soak in their last bit of Bakersfield before heading off to boot camp. While there were many smiles, the men understood the seriousness of their future endeavors.

“It's gonna be hard; the next thirteen weeks is going to be absolutely brutal on them,” Founder of AFSR Ben Patten said. What comes after boot camp is uncertain amidst turmoil in the Middle East.

While President Barack Obama  said there will not be any boots on the ground in Iraq, there are conflicts erupting in multiple countries overseas.

The young men have mixed feelings on their next step.

“It's going to be a new experience kind of excited, nervous scared, all of the above,” Army Recruit Nathan Wilke said. Though the young men do not know their future, they told us they are committed to serving and protecting our country.

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