Recycled Christmas trees benefit local farming economy

Recycling Christmas trees helps economy

With the Christmas holiday now done and over with you're encouraged to get rid of your  tree as soon as you can to avoid a fire hazard.
After the trees are dropped off, they'll either be turned into wood chips for electricity or they'll help out local farmers.  
"We're turning that material into compost, which is going to be used locally in the farms around here," said Solid Waste Superintendent Sal Moretti.
From now till January 10th, you can drop off your tree at Bakersfield College, CSUB, the Mount Vernon Green Waste Facility, and the Kern County Fairgrounds.
You can also recycle your wrapping paper at CSUB and BC. People we spoke with had unique reasons for recycling. 
"The tree's a big tree for our house but we feel we need that big of a tree for what we put under it and everything else. Anyway, we just want to get back to normal," said Ron Moon.
"We do have a grand baby coming, which is one of the reasons why we're trying to get Christmas packed up and put away," said Diana Moon. 
The trees cannot be recycled with tinsel or decorations on them, so solid waste officials remind you to take them off before you recycle. 
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