Red Cross asks for help on behalf of woman shot in the face

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A Bakersfield woman is in need of assistance this holiday season after becoming a victim of a home shooting. 

Denise Leon was shot in the face in her Bakersfield home by Jerome Wilson on February 23. He was sentenced and is serving 27 years in prison.

The cause of the shooting is unknown, but it has left Denise blind and separated from her seven children.  She recently underwent her fourth eye surgery and was released from protective custody.

Denise cannot afford housing and is on a waiting list for public assistance.  In the interim she has stayed several places, but she will not be able to stay at her current residence much longer.  She misses her children and desperately wishes to get her life back to normal.

Unfortunately, there is not much the Red Cross can do for her.  We ask that, if anyone in the community can help Denise with housing and/or the holidays, please contact the Kern Chapter at (661) 324-6427 and we will make sure a connection with her is made.

We appreciate any time given to this story and hope we can provide as much assistance as possible.

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