Red Cross launches new app to help pet owners

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The American Red Cross has released apps for your smart phone that aim to help you in case of an emergency. 

A few of their apps are for earthquakes, wildfires, tornados, and hurricanes. Now there is an app to help people with pets take care of them in an emergency.

"We're constantly telling people to prepare yourselves for a disaster but it's really important to include your pets in your plan," said volunteer coordinator Amy Mayer.

The app is 99 cents and also gives you instant access to expert information so owners can learn how to maintain their pet's health.

"It's very much for today's generation," said Mayer, "It's really quick and easy and you can have a lot of information in one small place."

The app includes videos and images for more than 25 common first aid situations which include how to treat wounds, do CPR, and deal with allergic reactions.

"Something like this would help if I needed to look up something quickly rather than running him to the vet," said pet owner Neva Williams.

Users can create personalized profiles with their pet's information. The app is available for the iPhone and Android.

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