Renfro Road to be closed August 7th for Westside Parkway construction

TRIP: Road will re-open late summer 2014

The next phase of Bakersfield's Westside Parkway is already under construction. But a road closure planned for next week could lead to long-term traffic headaches for residents in West Bakersfield.

Renfro Road will be closed to all traffic -- cars, bicycles and pedestrians -- on August 7th between Stockdale Highway and Johnson Road.

Construction crews will begin work on a bridge over the new segment of the freeway, which will connect Allen Road to Heath Road.

The segment of Renfro Road will be closed until "late summer" 2014. According to officials with the Thomas Roads Improvement Project, or TRIP, the full closure is necessary due to existing conditions, which will not accommodate a bypass road or allow part of the road to remain open during bridge construction.

But according to the residents that live around Renfro Road, they weren't notified yet of the road closure. 

Renfro Road is a popular route for motorists between Stockdale Highway and Rosedale Highway. The nearest north/south detour is Allen Road, which is one mile away.


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