Report: Daughter saw mom's beaten face after Lucas Webby of Bakersfield allegedly tortured her

Daughter reportedly knew to keep quiet

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - More details have been released regarding the days Lucas Webby allegedly tortured a woman.

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According to the Kern County Sheriff's report, one of the woman's daughters saw their mom with the marks from the torture.

The report said that at one point the woman was in the kitchen when her daughter reportedly walked in and saw her face. The report said the daughter then 'asked what happened to her face and if dad (Webby) had done it.' 

According to the report, the mom then 'heard footsteps and immediately signaled for her to be quiet so Webby did not know she saw her mother.'

The mom then said her daughter knew 'why she needed to be quiet, so Webby did not get mad.' The mom also said the daughter 'knew to keep her mouth shut or her mom would get hurt.'

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According to the Kern County Sheriff's report obtained by 23ABC, the children of Webby's victim not only saw the marks, but witnessed the actual beating itself.

Police reports show the argument between Lucas Webby and his wife happened at home, inside their bedroom. In the documents, Webby punched her several times in the face and ribs. He also kicked her and used a metal baseball bat repeatedly and it all happened in front of the victim's three children--a nine-year-old and two five-year-old girls.

"I've seen a lot of children, they have had post-traumatic stress disorder just because of seeing one of their parents beaten, abused, tortured," said Dr. Dean Haddock, of Community Counseling and Psychological Services.

The victim was able to escape the bedroom. She grabbed her daughters and sat on the couch together. They were crying and screaming. That's when reports said Webby grabbed her hair and arms, pulling her away from the children and back into the bedroom.

"It's a form of child abuse in terms that they may be getting hit themselves. If it's what they are observing it's emotional abuse and it's also modeling because some children grow up to do those same things because that's what they saw," said Dr. Haddock.

Police documents show the abuse happened before and as far back as Christmas. Counselors said this type of domestic abuse damages children for a lifetime.

"You might find out that they've been struggling with bed wetting, night terrors." said Louis Gill of the Alliance Against Family Violence and Sexual Assault. "That they are afraid to leave for school, they have things going on with their lives, and that they are sharing with other adults, something is not right in their world."

Long term effects may include having difficulties with relationships. Some children even become like the aggressor and develop into abusers.

"The most important thing they need to know right away is that none of the violence is their fault," said Gill. "The kids have nothing to do with that. They just need to have a safe place to be. They need to know to dial 911. They need help, they need to have a family member that they can call and go to."

Counselors said 'its not unusual for children to witness domestic abuse at home.' There are several resources in our community to help, if you suspect any type of abuse happening.

The hotline number for the Alliance Against Family Violence is 661-327-1091.

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