Representatives of Golden Corral in Bakersfield speak out about a viral picture of a dirty kitchen

Managers said not to believe everything you see

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A few weeks ago a Golden Corral customer snapped a picture that went viral. The picture was of the kitchen stacked high with dirty dishes. 


A picture can speak volumes, but when it comes to a picture taken by a customer at the Golden Corral restaurant, managers said not to always believe everything you see.

The customer says he was eating at the buffet and could not find a clean dish so he went into the kitchen and found the mess.

23ABC contacted the man who took the picture of the kitchen and its dirty dishes. He declined to go on camera for an interview but did say what you see in that picture is absolutely inexcusable

But, District Manager Maureen Edington said "it just doesn't depict what happened back there it was a 30 second snapshot."

The picture was taken during a very busy time at the restaurant.

“We were busy on our peak period. The dish machine went down, dishes were stacking up, that area was dirty dishes,” Edington added.

Edington says the other side of the room was where someone was manually washing dishes. The Environmental Health Department did not issue any violations when they investigated the restaurant a few days later.

Chief Environmental Health Specialist Donna Fenton said dishwashing machines are not a requirement at restaurants and at the time the inspector investigated those complaints they found that the restaurant was in compliance and they had taken care of the problem"

Edington said the machine has been fixed and not only do they have three different people in the dishwashing section they've added a station specifically for plate inspection.

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