Research rewarded at 2013 Kern County Regional Science Fair


The winners of the Kern County Regional Science Fair have been announced.

About 650 Fourth through Twelfth grade students attending Kern County's 25th annual Regional Science Fair yesterday heard from former NASA astronaut Jose Hernandez who opened the event

Hernandez’s keynote address preceded the judging of projects in nearly 50 categories. Students were interviewed to demonstrate understanding of their display, log book and their hypothesis. Entries were judged on scientific thought/engineering goals, creativity, organization, completeness, clarity, effort and motivation.

First or second place finishers may be eligible to compete in the 62nd annual California Science Fair to be held at the California Science Center in Los Angeles on April 15 –16.

The following are the results in each category:

HIGH   9-12

Applied Mechanics

First Place — Maria Hanes/Desert High

Second Place — Larson LeDuc/Desert High

Third Place — Seth Platt, Charles Dobbin/Desert High

Honorable Mention — Anthony Quinnert, Daniel Fernandez/Desert High AND

                                     Evan Goehring/Bakersfield Christian AND

                                     Kenton Hoshino/Desert High

Behavioral and Social Sciences

First Place — Ryan Kmet/California City High

Second Place — Shreya Banerjee/Stockdale High

Honorable Mention — Jake Fortnum, Kenton Crabtree/Bakersfield Christian AND

                                     Jennifer Phan, Vivian Phan/Desert High


First Place — Irfan Habib/Stockdale High

Second Place — Andrea Bauer, Connor Kingsbury/Bakersfield Christian

Third Place — Edward Vasquez, James Haraguchi/Desert High

Honorable Mention — Forrect Csulak/Frazier Mt. High AND

                                     Nathaniel Tweed/Bakersfield Christian

Earth and Environmental Science

First Place — Gathenji Njoroge/Bakersfield Christian

Second Place — Kenton Ross/Desert High

Third Place — Brandon Snyder, Sabrina Belen/Desert High

Mammalian Biology, Physiology and Zoology

First Place — Clifton Guillory, Nelson Chandler/Bakersfield Christian

Second Place — Catherine Wright/Desert High

Third Place — Hunter Cleveland, Joshua Oakes/Desert High

Honorable Mention — Samuel Lang/Valley Oaks Charter


Pharmacology, Molecular Biology, and Microbiology

First Place — Alap Sahoo/Stockdale High AND

                       Gabby Evey/Desert High

Second Place — Jasmeet Dhaliwal/Stockdale High

Third Place — Michael De Cicco, Nicolo Daug/Bakersfield Christian


Physics, Astronomy and Computer Science

First Place — Kishan Ghadiya/Stockdale High

Second Place — Manooshree Patel/Stockdale High

Third Place — Noah Close/Desert High

Honorable Mention — Miranda Brater

Plant Biology

First Place — Garron Ireton/Desert High

Second Place — Shivani Gupta/Stockdale High

Third Place — Roshini Ravi/Stockdale High

Honorable Mention — Emily Guerard, Gabrielia Cipolletti /Bakersfield Christian


MIDDLE   6-8


First Place — Priya Valentina/Tevis Jr. High

Second Place — Charles Robertson, Michael Stegeman/El Tejon

Third Place — Joshua Maddox/Stockdale Christian

Honorable Mention — Joeyta Banerjee/Warren Jr. High AND

                                     Oliver Bates/Stine Elementary


Agricultural Science

First Place — Kimberly Mitchell/Greenfield Middle

Second Place — Anna Rinaldi/Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Third Place — Bella Khuu/St. John’s Lutheran

Honorable Mention — Sumanth Dara/Warren Jr. High                                   

Special Recognition — Austin Kleider, Brent Howell, Joseph Bizzini/El Tejon AND

                                      Garrett Aranda, Ryan Aranda/Standard Middle AND

                                      Cole Wattenberger/Legacy Christian Academy



Applied Mechanics-Tools and Materials

First Place — Liana Caroccio/Stockdale Christian

Second Place — Grace Hudson/Van Horn Elementary

Third Place — Emily Aralar, Paige Silong/St. Ann’s

Honorable Mention — Carly Antongiovanni/Centennial Elementary AND

                                     Jaime Rios, Miguel Raya/Jefferson Middle


Behavioral and Social Sciences

First Place — Maria Anrade/Cecil Ave Math and Science Academy

Second Place — Kaitlyn McDonnell/Del Rio Elementary

Third Place — Katya Marchetti/Rio Bravo Greeley

Honorable Mention — Carolyn Gallella/Valley Oaks Charter AND

                                     Melissa Carrillo/Washington Middle AND

                                     Wesley Kelley/Standard Middle



First Place — Lianna Daug/Stockdale Christian

Second Place — Jagr Alindajao/La Viña Middle

Third Place — William Pineo/Sing Lum Elementary

Honorable Mention — Bruno Perez/El Tejon


Earth and Environmental Science

First Place — Joshua Reed/Cecil Ave Math and Science Academy

Second Place — Jackie Wooden/Stockdale Christian

Third Place — Callie Corzine/Murray Middle


                         Maddie Hutson/Downtown Elementary                        

Special Recognition — Gabriel Benavides/Palm Avenue


Electricity and Electronics

First Place — Garret Gwinn/Stockdale Christian

Second Place — Anthony Felts/St. John’s Lutheran

Third Place — Aaron McKenzie, Phillip Felizarta, Sahil Alim/Warren Jr. High

Honorable Mention — Shotaro Yamaguchi/Berkshire Elementary


Mammalian Biology, Physiology and Zoology

First Place — Isaac Kim/Ronald Reagan Elementary

Second Place — Georgia Johnsen/St. John’s Lutheran AND

                           Shelby Cathey/Standard Middle

Third Place — Jadyn Reed/Norris Middle

Honorable Mention — Alexander Castro/Discovery Elementary AND

                                     Valerie Fabbri/St. Francis Parish


Materials Science

First Place — Nicholas McKelvey/Sing Lum Elementary

Second Place — Paige Blanchat/St. John’s Lutheran

Third Place — Caleb Pollema/St. John’s Lutheran

Honorable Mention — Cristian Ocampo/Jefferson Middle AND

                                     Jamie Mathey/Wallace Middle AND

                                     McKenzie Miller, Sierra Moore/Norris Middle


Molecular Biology and Microbiology

First Place — Andrew Ostrom/St. Ann’s

Second Place — Reena Somani/Warren Jr. High

Third Place — Nicole Richardson/Hacienda Elementary

Honorable Mention — Ishani Desai/Norris Middle AND

                                     Pooja Desai/Warren Jr. High

Physics and Astronomy

First Place — Madeline Karnes/Stockdale Christian

Second Place — Alana Tessman/Wallace Middle

Third Place — Geoffrey Bruick/St. John’s Lutheran

Honorable Mention — Jackson Carroll/Rio Bravo Greeley

                                     Naomi Jennings/Stockdale Elementary AND

                                     Sabrina Ortiz/Our Lady of Perpetual Help


Plant Biology

First Place — Sydney Marler/Murray Middle

Second Place — Steven Garcia/Washington Middle

Third Place — Kylie Quezada/Standard Middle

Honorable Mention — Sean Crowley/St. Francis Parish AND

                                     Zeb Waterhouse/Rio Bravo Greeley


Structural Mechanics

First Place — Christopher Gereke/Teresa Burke Elementary

Second Place — Xavier Esquivel/Jefferson Middle

Third Place — Cedric Kim/Ollivier Middle

Honorable Mention — Chad Tucker/Rio bravo Greeley


Thermodynamics and Kinetics

First Place — Jolie Stoner/Del Rio Elementary

Second Place — Sophia Speredelozzi/Murray Middle

Third Place — Samuel Kaing/Valley Schools

Honorable Mention —Ashwan Marock/Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Special Recognition — Natalie Ruiz/Loudon Elementary


Consumer Math and Science – Human Body

First Place — Thelma Yeboah, Madeline Renteria, Andrea Uribe/McKee Middle

Second Place — Reece Griffith/Standard Middle

Third Place — Shareni Donis/Greenfield Middle

Honorable Mention — Emily Gonzalez/Thorner Elementary


Consumer Math and Science – Housekeeping and Housewares

First Place — Peyton Kniffen/American Elementary

Second Place — Sedona Vivirito/Frazier Park Elementary

Third Place — Sukhanjit Kaur/Warren Jr. High

Honorable Mention — Rosalia Hernandez/Actis Jr. High


Food Chemistry – Protein, Minerals and Vitamins

First Place — Dawn Bransby/Fruitvale Jr. High

Second Place — Miriam Amaro/Sandrini Elementary

Third Place — Harmandeep Kaur/Ollivier Middle

Honorable Mention — Ethan Hogg/Rio Bravo Greeley


Food Chemistry - Carbohydrates

First Place — Therese Azevedo/Jefferson Middle

Second Place — Cassandra Thayer, Giselle Ramos/St. Ann’s

Third Place — Joshua Thai/St. Francis Parish

Honorable Mention — Jose Rodriguez-Haro/Ollivier Middle


Batteries and Electromagnetism

First Place — Margo Kuney/Stockdale Christian

Second Place — Maxwell Welch/Laurelglen Elementary

Third Place — Theodore Hoss/Downtown Elementary

Honorable Mention — Cambryn Both/Columbia Elementary


Chemical Reactions

First Place — Dylan Whitaker/Valley Oaks Charter

Second Place — Julia Rivera/Hacienda Elementary

Third Place — Zachary Fraze/Valley Schools

Honorable Mention — Emma Schultz/Rio bravo Greeley AND

                                     Faith Herrera/Fruitvale Jr. High AND

                                     Stephanie Romero/Jefferson Middle AND

                                     Tomas Prieto/Downtown Elementary


Applied Mechanics - Machines

First Place — Emma McNellis, Joshua Aubin/Endeavour Elementary

Second Place — Andrew Chaffee/Christa McAuliffe Elementary

Third Place — Owen Anderson/Murray Middle AND

                        Patrick Gonzales/Lincoln Jr. High

Honorable Mention — Valley Oaks Charter

                                     Valley Oaks Charter

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Per request, the names of the winner's of honorable mention were asked to be removed.)

GRADE 5 (Not Eligible for State Science Fair)


Astronomy, Earth and Environmental Science

First Place — Elizabeth Malone/Christa McAuliffe Elementary  

Second Place — Kalli Klassen/Wingland Elementary  

Third Place — Diego Valez/Prueitt Elementary  

Honorable Mention — Maggie Uribe/Granite Pointe Elementary  


Behavioral, Animal, and Field Studies

First Place — Suchitra Dara/Buena Vista Elementary  


Place — Mason Christian/Almondale Elementary  

Third Place — Tristan Aranda/Wingland Elementary  

Honorable Mention — Kent Schornick/Valley Oaks Charter AND

                                     William Lekas/Wallace Middle  



First Place — Lauren Bittle/Endeavour Elementary

Second Place — Reika Yoneyama/St. John’s Lutheran

Third Place — Arlene Ruiz/Loudon Elementary

Honorable Mention — Carter Hemingway/Stine Elementary


Engineering, Mathematics and Games

First Place — Rishi Shah/Ronald Reagan Elementary

Second Place — Clayton Harris/Buena Vista Elementary

Third Place — Sagar Gupta/Stockdale Elementary

Honorable Mention — Amiyah Johnson/Castle Elementary AND

                                     Drew Bransby/Endeavour Elementary AND

                                     Jose Santiago/St. John’s Lutheran AND

                                     Stephanie Cook/St. John’s Lutheran


Electricity, Heat Chemistry and Heat Physics

First Place — Hailey Divina/Redwood Elementary

Second Place — Sebastian Cardenas/Plantation Elementary

Third Place — Abbey Moore/Hacienda Elementary

Honorable Mention — Candace Maurer/Thorner Elementary


Food and Health Science

First Place — Aoi Iwashita/Leo B. Hart Elementary

Second Place — Lauren Sandoval/American Elementary

Third Place — Grace Geissel/Patriot Elementary

Honorable Mention — Elias Perez/Downtown Elementary AND

                                    Jonathan Cejoco/St. John’s Lutheran


Materials and Consumer Science

First Place — Sara Herron/Discovery Elementary

Second Place — Kate Stambook/Sing Lum Elementary

Third Place — Olivia Gardea/Old River Elementary

Honorable Mention — Jessica Chavez/Fremont Elementary AND

                                     Matthew Perri/St. Francis Parish AND

                                     Victoria McFarland/Endeavour Elementary


Physics (Laws of Matter, Motion and Energy)

First Place — William Edwards/Frazier Park Elementary

Second Place — Callie McCaffery/Laurelglen Elementary

Third Place — Manuel Batista/Fremont Elementary

Honorable Mention — Alex Nguyen/Raffaello Palla Elementary AND

                                     Bryce Burrow/Discovery Elementary AND

                                     Jake O’Connell/St. John’s Lutheran


Plant Biology

First Place — Brennan Muñoz/Hacienda Elementary

Second Place — Robert Cortez/Cesar Chavez Elementary

Third Place — Lindsay Cook/St. Ann’s

Honorable Mention — Aaron Gaspar/Myrtle Avenue AND

                                      Kayla Duke/Wingland Elementary AND

                                   Keshav Patel/Bessie Owens Intermediate


Chemical Reactions

First Place — Carson Freng/Centennial Elementary

Second Place — Justin Otis/Golden Hills Elementary

Third Place — Thomas Nichols/Golden Hills Elementary

Honorable Mention — Karla Perez/Bessie Owens Intermediate AND

                                     Thalia Sheppard/Louise Sandrini Elementary

Special Recognition — Athenas Guerra/Loudon Elementary



GRADE 4  (Not Eligible for State Science Fair)


Astronomy, Earth and Environmental Science

First Place — Caleb Westerhout/Garza Elementary  

Second Place — Jacob Nahama/Laurelglen Elementary  

Third Place — Saida Woolf/Valley Oaks Charter  

Honorable Mention — Cassidy Gereke/Teresa Burke Elementary  


Chemical Reactions

First Place — Spencer Reed/Independence Elementary  

Second Place — Boston Whitaker/Valley Oaks Charter  

Third Place — Bianca Brown/Sing Lum Elementary  

Honorable Mention — Michael Hoyer/Ridgecrest Charter  



First Place — Matthew-Riece Castanares/American Elementary  

Second Place — Nvkiran Khehra/Buena Vista Elementary  

Third Place — Anden Spicer/Rosedale North Elementary  


Engineering and Applied Mathematics

First Place — Brett Crosby/Rio Bravo Elementary  

Second Place — Brennan Casoria/Wingland Elementary  

Third Place — Perla Cabanillas/Fremont Elementary  

Honorable Mention — Francisco Ruiz/Fairview Elementary AND

                                     Noah Lindgren/Highland Elementary  


Heat Chemistry and Heat Physics

First Place — Abbigail Flores/Franklin Elementary  

Second Place — Luke Merickel/Stockdale Elementary  

Third Place — Esmeralda Menjivar/Old River Elementary  

Honorable Mention — Armando Rivera/Hacienda Elementary  


Food and Health Science

First Place — Chili Tanner/Frazier Park Elementary AND

                       Hyrum Hansen/Bessie Owens Intermediate  

Second Place — EmmaRose Lowe/Karl Clemens Elementary  

Third Place — Carissa Sales/Independence Elementary  

Honorable Mention — Bricen Rigby/Independence Elementary AND

                                  Caroline Rous/Downtown Elementary  


Materials, Electricity, and Consumer Science

First Place — Julnar Al-Azzam/Ronald Reagan Elementary  

Second Place — Rhyder Fidler/Centennial Elementary  

Third Place — Ethan Chea/Sing Lum Elementary  



First Place — Isabelle Roquemore/St. Ann’s  

Second Place — Andrew Johnston/Cesar Chavez Elementary  

Third Place — Hannah Persel/Valley Schools

Honorable Mention — Ashlyn Sisco/Patriot Elementary  


Plant Biology

First Place — Bree Rodriguez/Patriot


Second Place — Elizabeth Calley/Discovery Elementary  

Third Place — Paul Gutierrez/Thorner Elementary  

Honorable Mention — Addison Jester/Kendrick Elementary  


The Kern County Science Fair is administered by the Kern County Superintendent of Schools with primary sponsorship provided by Aera Energy LLC. Additional sponsorship and support is offered by Chevron North America Exploration andProduction, Occidental of Elk Hills, Kern County Science Foundation, Tejon Ranch Company, Comprehensive Blood & Cancer Center and TYBRIN Corporation.


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