Residents of central Bakersfield fear violence is not going away

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Residents in central Bakersfield told 23ABC they are too familiar with shootings like the one that took place Friday night, leaving three teenagers injured. 

"I was told that my cousin was shot in a drive by shooting," said a relative of one of the teenagers. "Young ones, you know, youngsters - those are the ones getting hit nowadays."

Police told 23ABC 18-year-old Antonio Castro, and both a 16-year-old and 15-year-old were shot Friday night, near 2nd Street and Donna Avenue.

Residents in the area say this is becoming too regular and fear for their loved ones' lives. 

"It would be nice if the police department, sheriff's department could do something," said Lydia Rodriguez, who has lived in the neighborhood for 13 years. "It's too dangerous." 

Rolando Flores, Lydia's husband, also fears the problem is not going anywhere and could further affect the kids in the community. 

"A lot of little kids go walking to school and stuff," Flores said. "I just want it back to the way it used to be -- just calm, that's it." 

The gunshots Friday night even damaged their family car with several bullet holes, including five bullet holes on the side of their home from a previous shooting.

"You would think it's a real nice neighborhood, there's nice houses and everything, but wherever there's just a little bit of bad element you know things is gonna happen."

Although neighbors believe the shooting was gang related, detectives have yet to confirm it.

For now they ask anyone with information to give them a call.


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