Residents say temporary tenants trashed home, stole things

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Residents in a south Bakersfield home are upset after they say a couple asked to live in their house temporarily – then overstayed their welcome and damaged the property.

“We had some acquaintances of ours, they gave us a sob story and we felt for them,” said Ese Uwhubetine, who lives in the home near south K Street and Antonia Way. “They stole all of my clothes, all of my shoes, my jewelry, my $2,000 dog and $2,000 laptop,” she said.

Uwhubetine and her boyfriend invited the other couple into their home on May 15. After a few weeks, when they asked the supposed temporary tenants to leave, they refused. The couple eventually began moving out of the home earlier this week – but not before Uwhubetine says they left her home in shambles.

As of Friday, several windows, doorways and walls in the house were damaged. The residents tell 23ABC the couple also broke several other items, including a flat screen television and outdoor pool.

A Bakersfield Police Department spokesman said that because the couple was invited to live in the home – even if temporarily – under California law they were allowed to be inside.

Uwhubetine tells 23ABC she plans to file reports for the alleged theft and damage and seek legal counsel.

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