Residents say their tumbleweed problems are piling high after city won't help.

Residents say city won't help clear tumbleweeds

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Residents deal with tumbleweed troubles as problems pile up.

"We woke up and our front yard was covered in tumbleweed, along the side of the house was covered, we could not get in our backyard. We could not get our car out," said Betty Beckman.

So they called the city and say they spoke to someone from the recreation and parks department.

"She said we cannot come on your property to get them off but if you push them to the sidewalk we will come and take care of the problem," said Beckman.

So they did just that.
"We were out here for at least four hours moving tumbleweeds," said Beckman's neighbor Cleveland Strother.

"The pile of tumbleweeds is more than 5 feet tall, stretches 3 houses long and covers half the roadway. The police call it a traffic hazard.

Which is why residents said an officer came knocking on their door this morning.

"The policeman began to tell us that we would get a $1000 fine if we did not do something about the tumbleweed," said Beckman.

"We had specific instructions from Parks and Recreation.We were only doing what we were told to do," said Strother.

But Recreation and Parks told 23 ABC that they do not pick up tumbleweeds. The same goes for code enforcement.

"The property owner is responsible  for removing the tumbleweeds. we don't have any type of course to take the tumbleweeds away," said Bakersfield city code enforcement supervisor Wanda Neal.

"What do you do in a case like this? It's so frustrating to pay taxes, expect your city officials to do what's right. I don't know what we're supposed to do. I really truly don't,"
said Beckman.

"It's an act of nature, it's out of our control," said Neal.

"I want to tell the city to get off their duff and do something about the taxpayers on this side of town," said Beckman.

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