Residents want a stop sign installed for the busy intersection of Harris Road and Beach Rose Avenue

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - After two car accidents this year and four last year, residents want the city to install a stop sign at Harris Road and Beach Rose Avenue in southwest Bakersfield.

A family contacted 23 ABC and wanted to know what it takes for the city to determine the need for a stop sign.

"This intersection is dangerous, there's going to be another accident here," Katrecia Short said.

The city performed a traffic study at the intersection last September because of the reported accidents in 2013.

According to the Public Works Department, stop signs and traffic signals are installed based on state requirements, which is contingent on the volume of traffic passing through the intersection and the speed of the roadway.

"This intersection is crazy and dangerous for children, residents and those who work around here," said Connie Brown, "people speed going down Harris all the time, we have to fight just to merge onto Harris."

City officials say traffic volumes and speed alone are not the only qualifying factors to determine the need for a stop sign.

"I've lived here for 3 years and have seen so many accidents," said Leonardo Munoz, "the area is too congested, people use Harris Road as a main thoroughfare, which makes it difficult for residence to wait for a break into lanes." 

The city takes into account how many, and what type of accidents have occurred in an area over a specific amount of time.

"The accident history at the intersection is reviewed, and typically it's the broadside accidents that we look at that could be corrected by stop sign or traffic signal," said Ryan Starbuck from the Public Works Department.

This city is planning on taking into account the two most recent accidents this year and will be doing another traffic study at the intersection to see if the need for a stop sign is merited.

If you are concerned about an intersection that may be dangerous, you can contact City Traffic Engineering at the Public Works Department, 661-326-3724.

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